Marjan van Holthe

It is not just about creativity. It is about the person you're becoming while you're creating


What can you find here?


Creativity, do you want to discover it, develop it or keep it? I'll help you on your way with tips and tricks. Know how and collected information.

Tips and tricks

Theory is great, but practice is better. Just roll up your sleeves.


Weaving and especially picture weaving is a favorite with me. New is my rigid heddle loom, with which I want to learn new things. Take a look or better yet, join us.

Own creations

Between all activities I try to stay productive in my studio. Sometimes I share these results.

Know how

Feel like getting started? Or looking for a course. In addition to my own courses, I will give you information about other workshops and lessons.


I am a bookworm and love to share my preferences and finds with you. In the meantime I am working on writing my own book. Will this work out?

You never know when, but sign up and you will receive maff info in your mailbox. Not weekly or monthly but when it suits me.

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